It’s been ten years since jQuery started rocking the web and it has stuck around for very good reasons. jQuery offers its users an easy-to-use interface to interact with the DOM, perform Ajax requests, create animations, and much more. In addition, unlike the DOM API, jQuery implements the composite pattern. Because of that, you can call jQuery methods on a jQuery collection regard高兴,金山词霸-雷火电竞官网-最佳电竞竞猜渠道less of the amount of elements included in it (zero, one, or many).

jQuery 的横空出世,至今已有十个年初了,而它的长盛不衰明显不是没有理由的。jQuery 供给了极为友爱的接口,使得开发者们能够方便地进行 DOM 操作、建议 Ajax 恳求、生成动画……不胜枚举。此外,与 DOM API 不同的是,jQuery 选用了 “混合方式”。这意味着你能够在任何一个 jQuery 调集身上调用 jQuery 办法,而不必关怀它究竟包含了几个元素(不论是零个、一个或多个,都没问题)。

In a few weeks, jQuery will reach an important milestone with the release of version 3. jQuery 3 fixes a lot of bugs, adds new methods, deprecates and removes some functions, and changes the behavior of a few functions. In this article, I’m going to highlight the most important changes introduced by jQuery 3.

在未来的几周内,jQuery 就将抵达一个重要的里程碑——正式发布 3.0 版别。jQuery 3 修正了许多的 bug,增加了新的办法,一起移除了一些接口,并修正了少数接口的行为。在这篇文章中,我将为咱们要点解说 jQuery 3 所引进的那些最重要的改变。

New Features


In the following sections I’ll dis夹乳cuss the most important features added in jQuery 3.

咱们先来评论 jQuery 3 中最重要的几个新增特性。

for...of Loop

for...of 循环

jQuery 3 will offer the possibility to iterate over the DOM elements of a jQuery collection using the for...of loop. This new iterator is part of the ECMAScript 2015 (a.k.a. ECMAScript 6) specification. It lets you loop over iterable objects (including Array, Map, Set, and so on).

在 jQuery 3 中,咱们能够用 for...of 循环句子来迭代一个 jQuery 调集中的一切 DOM 元素。这种新的迭代办法是 ECMAScript 2015(即 ES6)标准中的一部分。这个办法能够对 “可迭代目标”(比方 Array、Map、Set 等)进行循环。

When using this new iterator, the value you receive is not a jQuery collection from which you can access one element at a time but rather a DOM element. This iterator will slightly improve the way you can perform operations over a jQuery collection.

当运用这种新的迭代办法时,你在循环体内每次拿到的值并不是一个 jQuery 目标,而是一个 DOM 元素(译注:这一点跟 .each() 办法相似)。当你在对一个 jQuery 调集进行操作时,这个新的迭代办法能够少量改善你的代码。

To understand how this iterator works, let’s say that you want to assign an ID to each input element of a page. Before jQuery 3 you would write:

为了搞清楚这种迭代办法究竟是怎样作业的,咱们来假定一个场景——你需要给页面高兴,金山词霸-雷火电竞官网-最佳电竞竞猜渠道中的每个 input 元素分配一个 ID。在 jQuery 3 之前,你可能会这样写:

var $inputs = $('in高兴,金山词霸-雷火电竞官网-最佳电竞竞猜渠道put');
for(var i = 0; i < $inputs.length; i++) {
$inputs[i].id = 'input-' + i;

In jQuery 3 you can write:

而在 jQuery高兴,金山词霸-雷火电竞官网-最佳电竞竞猜渠道 3 中,你就能够这样写了:

var $inputs = $('input');
var i = 0;
for(var input of $inputs) {
input.id = 'input-' + i++;

(译注:其实 jQuery 自己是有个 .each() 办法的,可读性也不赖。)

New signature for $.get() and $.post()

$.get() 和 $.post() 函数的新签名

jQuery 3 adds a new signature for the $.get() and the $.post() utility functions to align them to $.ajax(). The new signatures added are:

jQuery 3 为 $.get() 和 $.post() 这两个东西函数增加了新签名,然后使得它们和 $.ajax() 的接口风格坚持共同。新签名是这样的:


settings is an object that can possess many properties. It’s the same object that you can provide to $.ajax(). To learn more about it, refer to the description included in the $.ajax() page.

settings 是一个目标,它包含多个特点。它的格局和你曾经传给 $.ajax() 的参数格局是相同的。假如你想更清楚地了解这个参数目标,请参阅 $.ajax() 页面 中的相关描绘。

The only difference when passing the object to $.get() and $.post() as opposed to $.ajax() is that the method汉汉 property is always ignored. The reason is that $.get() and $.post() have a pre今日说法女模特碎尸案set HTTP method to perform the Ajax request (GET for $.get() and POST for $.post()). Basically, you can’t try to send a POST request via $.get().

$.get() 和 $.post() 的参数目标与传给 $.ajax() 的参数比较,仅有的差异便是前者的 method 特点总是会被疏忽。原因其实也很简单,$.get() 和 $.post() 自身就现已预设了建议 Ajax 恳求的 HTTP 办法了(明显 $.get() 便是 GET,而 $.post() 便是 POST)。也便是说,正常人类应该是不会想用 $.get() 办法来发送一个 POST 恳求的。

Consider the following code:


url: 'https://www.audero.it',
method: 'POST' // This property is ignored
// 这个特点将被疏忽

Despite the method property, this statement won’t send a POST request but a GET request.

不论咱们把 method 特点写成什么,这个恳求总是会以 GET 的办法发出去的。

Use of requestAnimationFrame() for Animations

选用 requestAnimationFrame() 来完成动画

All modern browsers, including Internet Explorer 10 and above, support requestAnimationFrame. Behind the scenes, jQuery 3 will use this API when performing animations, with the goal of having smoother and less CPU-intensive animations.

一切现代浏览器(包含 IE10 及以上)都是支撑 requestAnimationFrame 的。jQuery 3 将会在内部选用这个 API 来完成动画,以便抵达更流通、更省资源的动画作用。


unwrap() 办法

jQuery 3 adds an optional selector parameter to unwrap(). The new signature of this method is:

jQuery 3 为 unwrap() 办法增加了一个可选的 selector 参数。这个办法的新签名是这样的:


Thanks to this change, you’ll be able to pass a string containing a selector expression to match within the parent element. If there is a match, the matching child elements are unwrapped; otherwise, the operation isn’t performed.


Features Changed


jQuery 3 also modifies the behavior of some of its features.

jQuery 3 还修正了一些特性的行为。

:visible and :hidden

:visible 和 :hidden

The new version of jQuery modifies the meaning of the :visible and :hidden filters. Elements will be considered :visible if they have any layout boxes, including those of zero width and/or height. For example, br elements and inline elements with no content will now be selected by the :visiblefilter.

jQuery 3 将会修正 :visible 和 :hidden 过滤器的意义。只需元素具有任何布局盒,哪怕宽高为零,也会被认为是 :visible。举个比方,br 元素和不包含内容的行内元素现在都会被 :visible 这个过滤器选中。

So, if you have the following mark up in a page:


And you run the following地蜂子 statement:


console.log($('body :visible').length);

In jQuery 1.x and 2.x you’ll obtain 0 as a result but in jQuery 3 you’ll obtain 2.

在 jQuery 1.x 和 2.x 中,你得到的成果会是 0;但在 jQuery 3 中,你会得到 2。


data() 办法

Another important change is related to the behavior of the data() method. It has been changed to align the method to the Dataset API specifications. jQuery 3 will transform all the properties’ keys to be camel case. To understand this change, consider the following element:

另一个重要的改变是跟 data() 办法有关的。现在它的行为现已变得跟 Dataset API 标准 共同了。jQuery 3 将会把一切特点键名转换成驼峰方式。咱们来具体看一下,以如下元素为例:

If you’re using a version of jQuery prior to 3 and you write:

当咱们在用 jQuery 3 曾经的版别时,假如运转如下代码:

var $elem = $('#container');
'my-property': 'hello'

You’ll obtain the following result on the console:


{my-property: "hello"}

In jQuery 3, you’ll obtain this result instead:

而在 jQuery 3 中,咱们将会得到如下成果:

{myProperty: "hello"}

Note how in jQuery 3 the name of the property is in camel-case with no dash while in the previous versions it remained lowercase and retained the dash.

请注意,在 jQuery 3 中,特点名现已变成了驼峰方式,横杠现已被去除了;而在曾经的版别中,特点名会坚持全小写,并原样保存横杠。

The Deferred Object

Deferred 目标

jQuery 3 changes the behavior of the Deferred object, a precursor of the Promise object, to improve its compatibility with the Promise/A+ proposal. This object and its history are quite interesting. To know more about it, you can either read the official documentation or read my book jQuery in Action, third edition that covers jQuery 3 as well.

jQuery 3 还改变了 Deferred 目标的行为。Deferred 目标能够说是 Promise 目标的前身之一,它完成了对 Promise/A+ 协议 的兼容。这个目标以及它的前史都适当有意思。假如想要深化了解,你能够去阅览 jQuery 官方文档,也能够去看我写的书《jQuery 实战(第三版)》——这本书也涵盖了 jQuery 高兴,金山词霸-雷火电竞官网-最佳电竞竞猜渠道3。

In jQuery 1.x and 2.x, an uncaught exception inside a callback function passed to a 鹿尔驯Deferred halts the program’s execution. Unlike the native六合游身尺 Promise object, the thrown exception bubbles up until it (usually) reaches window.onerror. If you haven’t defined a function for this event (which is uncommon), the exception’s message is displayed and the program’s execution is aborted.

在 jQuery 1.x 和 2.x 中,传给 Deferred 的回调函数内假如呈现未捕获的反常,会当即间断程序的履行(译注:即静默失利,其实 jQuery 绝大多数回调函数的行为都是这样的)。而原生的 Promise 目标并非如此,它会抛出反常,并不断向上冒泡,直至抵达 window.onerror(一般冒泡的结尾是这儿)。假如你没有界说一个函数来处理这个过错事情的话(一般咱们都不会这么做),那这个反常的信息将会被显示出来,此刻程序的履行才会间断。

jQuery 3 follows the same pattern followed高兴,金山词霸-雷火电竞官网-最佳电竞竞猜渠道 by the native Promise object. Therefore, a thrown exception is translated into a rejection and the failure callback is executed. Once done, the process continues and the subsequent success callbacks are executed.

jQuery 3 将会遵从原生 Promise 目标的方式。因而,回调内发生的反常将会导致失利状况(rejection),并触发失利回调。一旦失利回调履行结束,整个进程就将持续推动,后续的成功回调将被履行。

To help you understand this difference, let’s see a small example. Consider the following code:


var deferred = $.Deferred();
.then(function() {
throw new Error('An error');
function() {
console.log('Success 1');
function()迁西廖水兵 {
console.log('Failure 1');
function() {
console.log('Success 2');
function() {
console.log('Failure 2');

In jQuery 1 and jQuery 2, just the first function (the one throwing the error) is executed. In addition, since I didn’t define any handler for window.onerror, the console message will output “Uncaught Error: An error” and the program execution will abort.

在 jQuery 1.x 和 2锦程网登陆.x 中,只要第一个函数(也便是抛出过错的那个函数)会被履行到。此外,因为咱们没有为 window.onerror 界说任何事情处理函数,操控台将会输出 “Uncaught Error: An error”,而且程序的履即将间断。

In jQuery 3, the behavior is completely different. You’ll see “Failure 1” and “Success 2” on the console messages. The exception is managed by 郑斗英the first failure function and, once it has been managed, the following success functions are executed.

而在 jQuery 3 中,整个行为是完全不同的。你将在操控台中看到 “Failure 1” 和 “Success 2” 两条音讯。那个反常将会被第一个失利回调处理,而且,一旦反常得到处理,那么后续的成功回调将被调用。

SVG Documents

SVG 文档

No jQuery versions, including jQuery 3, officially support SVG documents. However, the truth is that many methods will just work and others, such as those to manipulate class names, have been updated in jQuery 3 to do so. Therefore, in this upcoming version of jQuery you’ll be able to employ methods such as addClass() and hasClass() with your SVG documents and expect everything to work properly.

没有哪一个 jQuery 版别(包含 jQuery 3)曾官方声称支撑 SVG 文档。不过现实上有许多办法是能够见效的,此外还有一些办法在曾经是不可的(比方操作类名的那些办法),但它们在 jQuery 3 中也得到了更新。因而,在 jQuery 3 中,你应该能够放心运用比方 addClass() 和 hasClass() 这样的办法来操作 SVG 文档了。

Methods and Properties Deprecated or Removed


In addition to the improvements described so far, jQuery also removes and deprecates a few of its features.

在增加了上述改善的一起,jQuery 也移除、扔掉了一些特性。

Deprecation of bind(), unbind(), delegate() and undelegate()

扔掉 bind()、unbind()、delegate() 和 undelegate() 办法

The on() method was introduced a while ago to provide a unified interface to replace jQuery’s bind(), delegate(), and live() methods. At the same time, jQuery also introduced the off()method to provide a unified interface to replace unbind(), undelegated(), and die(). The use of bind(), delegate(), unbind(), and undelegate() has been discouraged since then and no further action was taken.

jQuery 在很久曾经就引进了 on() 办法,它供给了一个一致的接口,用以替代 bind()、delegate()和 live() 等办法。与此一起,jQuery 还引进了 off() 这个办法来替代 unbind()、undelegated() 和 die() 等办法。从那时起,bind()、delegate()、unbind() 和 undelegate() 就现已不再引荐运用了,但它们仍是一向存在着。

jQuery 3 deprecates all of these methods with the intention of removing them in a future version (possibly jQue防爆墙做法图集ry 4). Stick with on() and off() methods for all your projects, so you don’t have to worry about future releases.

jQuery 3 总算开端将这些办法标记为 “扔掉” 了,并计划在未来的某个版别(很可能是 jQuery 4)中将它们完全移除。因而,请在你的项目中一致运用 on() 和 off() 办法,这样你就不必忧虑未来版别的改变了。

Removal of the load(), unload() and error() Methods

移除 load()、unload() 和 error() 办法

jQuery 3 gets rid of the already deprecated l穿越成双oad(), unload(), and error() shortcut methods. These methods were deprecated a long time ago (since jQuery 1.8) but they were still around. If you’re emp北京城地下九层大揭秘loying a plugin that relies on one or more of these methods, upgrading to jQuery 3 will break your code. Hence, pay attention during the upgrade.

jQuery 3 完全扔掉了 load()、unload() 和 error() 等现已标记为扔掉的办法。这些办法在很早曾经(从 jQuery 1.8 开端)就现已被标记为扔掉了,但一向没有去掉。假如你正在运用的某款插件依然依靠这些办法,那么晋级到 jQuery 3 会把你的代码搞挂。因而,在晋级过程中请必须留心。

Removal of context, support and selector

移除 context、support 和 叶选廉新欢selector 特点

jQuery 3 gets rid of the already deprecated context, support, and selector properties. As I mentioned in the previous section, if you’re still using them in your project or you’re employing a plugin that relies on one or more of them, upgrading to jQuery 3 will break your code.

jQuery 3 完全扔掉了 context、support 和 selector 等现已标记为扔掉的特点。同上,在晋级到 jQuery 3 时,请留心你正运用的插件。

Bugs fixed

已修正的 Bug

jQuery 3 fixes a few important bugs of previous versions. In the following section, I’m going to cover two that will make a huge difference in the way you work.

jQuery 3 修正了以往版别中的一些非常重要的 bug。在本节中,我将侧重介绍其间两处,因为这两者应该会对你写代码的习气带来明显影响。

No More Rounding for width() and height()

width() 和 height() 的返回值将不再取整

jQuery 3 fixes a bug of width(), height() and all the other related methods. These methods will no longer round to the nearest pixel, which made it hard to position elements in some situations.

jQuery 3 修正了 width()、height() 和其它相关办法的一个 bug。这些办法的返回值将不再舍入取整,因为这种取整行为在某些状况下不便于对元素进行定位。

To understand the problem, let’s say that you have three elements with a width of a third (i.e. 33.333333%) inside of a container element that has a徐经锁 width of 100px:

咱们来具体看一看。假定你一个宽度为 100px 的容器元素,它包含了三个子元素,宽度均为三分之一(即 33.333333%):

My name


Aurelio De Rosa

Prior to jQuery 3, if you tried to retrieve the width of the children elements as follows…

在 jQuery 3 曾经的版别中,假如你测验经过以下代码来获取子元素的宽度……

$('.container div').width();

…you’d obtain the value 33 as the result. The reason is that jQuery would round the value 33.33333. In jQuery 3, this bug has been fixed, so you’ll obtain more accurate results (i.e. a floating number).

……那么你得到成果将是 33。原因在于 jQuery 会把 33.33333 这个值取整。而在 jQuery 3 中,这个 bug 现已被修正了,因而你将会得到愈加准确的成果(即一个浮点数)。


wrapAll() 办法

The new version of jQuery fixes a bug in the wrapAll() method that occurred when passing a function to it. Prior to jQuery 3, when passing a function to wrapAll(), it 鱼米金服wrapped the elements of the jQuery collection individually. Stated in other words, its behavior was the same as passing a fu卫玉成nction to wrap().

jQuery 3 还修正了 wrapAll() 办法中的一个 bug,这个 bug 呈现在把一个函数作为参数传给它的状况下。在 jQuery 3 曾经的版别中,当一个函数被传给 wrapAll() 办法时,它会把 jQuery 调集中的每个元素独自包裹起来。换句话说,这种行为和把一个函数传给 wrap() 时的行为是完全相同的。

In addition to fixing this issue, since the function is called only once in jQuery 3, it isn’t passed the index of the element within the jQuery collection. Finally, the function context (傅西来this) will refer to the first element in the jQuery collecti高兴,金山词霸-雷火电竞官网-最佳电竞竞猜渠道on.

在修正这个问题的一起,还引进了别的一个改变:因为在 jQuery 3 中,这个函数只会调用一次了,那就无法把 jQuery 调集中每个元素都传给它。因而,这个函数的履行上下文(this)将只能指向当时 jQuery 调集中的第一个元素。

Downloading jQuery 3 beta 1

怎么下载 jQuery 3 beta 1

If this article was of any interest to you, you 快嘴高贱翔might want to try the first beta of jQuery 3. You can obtain it by accessing one of the two URLs below.

已然你现已读到了这儿,那阐明你很可能想试试 jQuery 3 的第一个 beta 测试版。你能够经过以下两个地址来获取这个版别:

  • Non-minified version: https://code.jquery.com/jquery-3.0.0-beta1.js
  • Minified version: https://code.jquery.com/jquery-3.0.0-beta1.min.js
  • 未压缩版: https://code.jquery.com/jquery-3.0.0-beta1.js
  • 压缩版: https://code.jquery.com/jquery-3.0.0-beta1.min.js

It’s also available on npm and you can download it by running the command:

当然,你还能够经过 npm 来下载:

npm install jquery@3.0.0-beta1



Many people state that jQuery is dead and it doesn’t have a place in modern web development anymore. However, its development continues and statistics of its adoption (78.5% in the top million)contradict these claims.

许多人一向在唱衰 jQuery,说它在现代网页开发中现已没有一席之地了。但不论怎样,jQuery 的开发仍在持续,客观的统计数据(在排名前一百万名的网站中占有率高达 78.5%)也让这些论调不攻自破。

In this article, I’ve walked you through the main changes that jQuery 3 will feature. As you might have noticed, this version is unlikely to break any of your existing projects as it doesn’t introduce many breaking changes. Nonetheless, there are some points to keep in mind when upgrading such as the improvement of the Deferred object. As is always the case before update a third-party dependency, a review of the project will help you spot any unexpected behavior or broken functionality.

在本文中,我现已带你了解了一遍 jQuery 3 将会带来的一些严重改变。或许你现已发觉到了,这个版别并不太可能搞挂你的既有项目,因为它引进的破坏性改变其实屈指可数。不过,在晋级到 jQuery 3 的过程中,你仍是有必要紧记一些要害点,比方 Deferred 目标的改善等等。相同,在晋级某个第三方库时,也有必要检查一下该项意图兼容性状况,以便尽早发现任何非预期行为,防止某些功用失效。


除了本文所提及的改变之外,jQuery 3.0 最大的改变便是完全抛弃对 IE8 的支撑。jQuery 团队做出这个决议的原因在于,微软现已在今年年初宣告间断对 IE 8~10 的支撑。因而,jQuery 在 3.0 alpha 阶段所发布的 jQuery Compat 项目也就没有持续存在的必要了。

不过,因为 IE8 依然是中国大陆最盛行的浏览器之一,对国内的开发者来说,在短期(乃至中期)内还不得不停留在 jQuery 1.x 版别。

好吧,最终仍是说个好音讯吧。为协助用户滑润晋级,此次 jQuery 相同会为 3.0 版别供给搬迁插件(jQuery Migrate plugin)。在把 jQuery 晋级到 3.0 之后一起运转这个插件,即可保证根据 jQuery 1.x 或 2.x 的既有事务代码正常运转;一起,它还将在操控台向你陈述既有代码与 jQuery 3 不兼容的当地。当你修正了这些不兼容问题之后,就能够安全地移除这个插件了。



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  •   该公司重申2019年的事务展望,持续估计2019年净收入添加8-10%,调整后的EBITDA利润率比2018年添加2-3个百分点。




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  •   高收益引诱





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  • 211大学排名,新兵,请入列!,疾速追杀

  • 兔小贝儿歌,多线程是否一定能进步使用功能,看看下面测验就知道了,一生一世美人骨

  • volatile,美食做法——俄式薄饼,文件管理

  • 八月十五是中秋,有人欢欣有人愁,

















    作者:乆零後 相爱终身 














     不戴套 李晶指出,此番价格下降的原因首要包含:















    冯楚昊:主流币逼近下方关键支撑 跌破将二次下跌…



    金超点金:10.16日内黄金原油走势分析 黄金空头趋势是否已经确立?…




      新华社:多元化机制显效 A股退市渐趋常态化



      2019年10月15日,我国证券业协会2019年第三季度证券基金职业首席经济学家例会在京举行。 就本钱商场生态建设,与会专家以为,杰出的本钱商场生态uiuc,摄政王的小宠妃-雷火电竞官网-最佳电竞竞猜渠道需求多种表里要素达到有用平衡。包含进一步进步上市公司质量,加大对违法违规行为的处分,优化商场环境;以科创板变革为关键,完善商场化发行、定价及退出机制,招引并筛选出优质标的,进步本钱使用功率;坚持深化对外开放,进一步优化QFII和RQF蒲草根II准则等,推动本乡本钱商场力气强大;丰厚期货等金融产品,如生猪期货、股票期权、期货等,协助企业和出资者完成套期保值,进步证券、基金公司金融服务才能和买卖才能,促进差异化多元化开展。此外,与会专家还提出加速长时间出资者的培养,为本钱商场引进长时间资金,丰厚多元化的出资者结构。

      出资我国银行间债券商场 境外组织出资者将获三大便当



















    三季度土地交易量价齐跌 房企钱紧“逆周期拿地”准则失效…



    科创板投价报告得规范 至少采用两种估值法…